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Past Performers: 2007-2022



Ensemble ANIMA, Navré de ton dart

Les Boréades de Montréal with Dion Mazerolle, Hommage à l’univers de Molière et à l’humour français

Elinor Frey and Mélisande McNabney, Quill & Bow


Listen to how I dance

Stile Antico, Music in Praise of the Virgin Mary

Concerto delle donne


L'Harmonie des saisons, Intimate Music for the King's Chamber

TENET Vocal Ensemble, Heavenly Queens

Les Boréades de Montréal with Suzie LeBlanc, Paris – Edinburgh

Ensemble Caprice and Constantinople, Près du soleil

David Greenberg and David McGuinness, Fall Any Day Now


L'Harmonie des Saisons, A Musical Soirée in the Home of Bach 

The Rose Ensemble, Land of Three Faiths

Pascal Valois and Jacques-André Houle, Au concert Spirituel!

Kirsty Money and Jude Pelley, Introduction to the Nyckelharpa (Outreach Ensemble)


The Toronto Consort, Shakespeare's Songbook 

¡Sacabuche!, Hidden Treasures  

I Furiosi, Introduction to the Body


Ensemble 18c (Outreach Program)

New York Polyphony, A Lily Among Thorns 

Constatntinople with Suzie LeBlanc, Metamorfosi  

Les Voix humaines, Amour Cruel


Tempest Baroque (Outreach Program)

Les Boréades de Montréal: Opera, Theatre, and Music of the Baroque 

Helen Tucker: J.S. Bach and the North German Tradition

Elinor Frey, Estban La Rotta with Suzie LeBlanc: Foirè: Aria

Skarazula (Outreach Program and Collegium Musicum)

Works by Buxtehude: Shawn Potter, organ

Choeur Louisbourg and the Festival Orchestra

Dowland in Dublin: La Nef with Michael Slattery, tenor


For the Birds: Sari Tsuji, violin, and Jonathan Addleman, harpsichord (Youth Outreach and festival artists)

Collegium Musicum: Dr. Linda Pearse and Dr. Kevin Morse, Venetia 1500

Le jour du mariage; Suzie LeBlanc, Alexander Weimann, harpsichord, and Nick Halley, percussion

Handel and Vivaldi: Choeur Louisbourg and the Festival Orchestra

Venetia 1500: ¡Sacabuche! (collaboration with Performing Arts)


Ritournelle (Youth Outreach artists)

Songs we Sang in 1762: The Music of Early Sackville

Collegium Musicum: ¡Sacabuche!

Galleggiante – The Floating City: ¡Sacabuche!

Shawn Potter, organ, and Michaele Toff, trumpet 

Choeur Louisbourg and the Festival Orchestra


Elizabeth Bishop Tribute: Suzie LeBlanc, Harry Thurston, Festival Orchestra

Ritournelle: Music of New France (Outreach Program)

Margaret Little, viola de gamba, and Sylvain Bergeron, archlute 

Choeur Louisbourg and the Festival Orchestra

Chris Norman, flute, and David Greenberg, violin (Outreach Program)

Franz Joseph String Quartet 

Choeur Louisbourg and Festival Orchestra

La Tour Baroque Duo: Michel Cardin, lute, and Tim Blackmore, harpsichord


Les Jongleurs de la Mandragore: Journée mediévale (Outreach Program)

Collegium Musicum: Mount Allison and Université de Moncton music students

Sylvain Bergeron, baroque guitar

Sarah Lackie, harp

Purcell: Les voix baroques (Shanon Merver, Yulia van Doren, Matthew White, Charles Daniels, Tyler Duncan), and the Festival Orchestra


Monteverdi’s L’Incoronazione de Poppea (Young Artists’ Concert - Collaboration between opera students from Mount Allison and l'Université de Moncton)

Choeur Louisbourg with Michel Cardin and Gayle Martin

Rencontres amicales: Bridge Street Café

Gayle Martin, organ, and Peter Groom, baritone

Khalid El Idriss, oud, and Michel Cardin, baroque lute

Musica Sacre E Morali: Suzie LeBlanc, Nathalie Paulin, Caissie Webster, Matthew White, Lawrence Wiliford, Tyler Duncan), Alexander Weimann & the Festival Orchestra

Alexander Weimann, harpsichord

Skarazula (Outreach program)

La chèvre de Monsieur Séguin (Dieppe) (Outreach Program)

Michel Cardin, Laura McLean & Rosanna Murphy

Chris Norman Ensemble

Conversation with Matthew White at Bridge Street Café

Université de Moncton brass ensemble

Handel: Matthew White, Choeur Louisbourg, and les Voix Baroques


© 2023 Sackville Festival of Early Music created by Shawn Bostick

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