Festival 2021

September 17 to 19,  2021

17th Season

Festival Concerts

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Listen to how I dance

Music to be seen and a dance to be heard

Friday September 17, 2021, 7:30 p.m. 

IN-PERSON Screening (seating is Limited)

Also available: Home Streaming

Music cannot emerge from stillness; it is the organization of sound vibrations in a coherent and harmonious way. Where there is music, there is movement: movement that creates music and movement that responds to it. Music is nothing more than sounds that slide in the "movement" of time. Renaissance music embodies this spirit with its liveliness and spontaneity. Les Jardins chorégraphiques presents Listen to how I dance, a show where sound and movement become one and eras converge. This visual concert allows to "see" musical pieces from the Renaissance repertoire performed on period instruments, through choreography where the early and the contemporary merge. The boundaries between disciplines are blurred to make way for a show where dance sets music in motion and music shapes the dance.


Listen to how I dance is music to be seen and a dance to be heard. The project was born when Esteban La Rotta, lutenist, and Stéphanie Brochard, contemporary dancer and specialist in early dance, were united by their shared desire to create projects in which musicians understand the needs of movement and dancers the nature of music. For them, music and movement are intrinsically linked. Their collaboration attempts to reinvent the intangible dialogue of these two artistic disciplines through the questioning of space and the scenic presence of the two arts. By placing musicians and dancers equally at the heart of the staging, each discipline is encouraged to go beyond its usual scenic convention and explore their interconnectivity. Inspiration was drawn from visual works of the Renaissance in order to establish a common corporal language.  The choreography, through which contemporary and Renaissance dance merge, is also greatly inspired by paintings and sculptures from the 15th to the 17th centuries. The music chosen is drawn from the European repertoire of the late 15th century and played on rare period instruments that blend complementary visual aesthetics and old sonorities.


Music in Praise of the Virgin Mary

A sumptuous selection of music written in praise of the Virgin Mary

Saturday September 18, 2021, 7:30 p.m. 

IN-PERSON Screening (seating is Limited)

Also available: Home Streaming​

Stile Antico performs a sumptuous selection of music written in praise of the Virgin Mary, including no fewer than four masterpieces by Josquin, the 'Father of the Renaissance', in honour of the quincentenary of his death in 1521. Woven between Josquin's motets are works by composers from successive generations: the serene Ego flos campi by Clemens non Papa, William Byrd's exquisite miniature Ave Maria, and the ebullient Gaude Maria Virgo by Peter Phillips. Crowning this rich programme is John Taverner's superb antiphon Ave Dei Patris filia by John Taverner: an extraordinary, fifteen-minute span of music, whose dazzling final 'Amen' is one of the glories of pre-Reformation church music.

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Concerto delle donne

A LIVE celebration of music by women composers

Sunday September 19, 2021, 3:00 p.m. 

LIVE CONCERT!! (seating is limited)

Also available: Live Home Streaming

Explore the often neglected yet exquisite musical contributions of women composers as we give voice to womens’ artistic agency and creativity. Women were musically active in their various and diverse roles as nuns, aristocrats, and as courtesans. Their music reflects these diverse life experiences and encompasses chants, sacred motets, secular madrigals, operas, cantatas, and a variety of dazzling instrumental works. We celebrate our return to LIVE music programming by featuring the considerable talents and expertise of established local specialists of early music in this unique concert setting.​

The 17th Season of the Sackville Festival of Early Music will be presented FREE of Charge.


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Educational Outreach Concerts

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We are thrilled to be able to present video footage from Listen to how I dance free-of-charge to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia public schools and to the Drew Nursing home and paired with educational materials designed for students.